Saturday, November 26, 2005

nose and ear hair

Former student (Jeremy) and some of his friends have a sketch club. This time the theme was 'older person and technology'. I decided to join in with modern day answers to grooming issues.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Arcane Costume Trivia

I am on the board of the Costume Designers Guild and we are just starting a trade magazine about costume design. They wanted everyone to write an article, but I volunteered to illustrate instead. Here are a couple of images for a regular feature, 'History of Dress A to Z', which lists 5 or 6 interesting definitions of garments, accessories etc., and we are starting of course with "A" (shown are Argyle, Aba, and Aigrette).

Friday, November 04, 2005

Well, this is it for today! I did this sketch last week in the costume figure drawing class I teach at CSULB. My friend Neena was the model. Usually I don't draw in class, because I am too busy keeping an eye on my students, but I couldn't resist this one. Just a quickie, and then back to work. It really makes me miss being a student, and getting to sit there and draw. But I also remember the challenges of trying to balance a stack of studio classes. . .

Aeon Flux Storyboards

This is one page from one scene of the film "Aeon Flux." This was a great project, and I got to work with Karyn Kusama, a wonderful director. It is coming out December of 2005. Spent the summer of 2004 in Berlin, Germany, with many fun German, and English people on the film, and LOTS of good bread and cheese (still trying to lose the weight!).

Family Photo

This was a sketch done as a bit of "background" for character in an animated film that I worked on during the summer of 2005. This film was shut down indefinitely, but I met and worked with a lot of nice people, and it was a good chance to get my feet wet in the world of animation boards. (Although this is not part of a scene).

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Beloved Costume Illustration

This was done with Collen Atwood, designer on "Beloved". It is watercolor, with a little bit of prismacolor pencil.

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Harold's Room 1

This production illustration was for a film called "Harold and The Purple Crayon." It was at Sony, and got shut down. This was years ago, and Spike Jonze was directing, Rick Heinrichs was production designer, and Maurice Sendak was one of the producers. It was a great project, and it is sad it never made it. It was to be part live action, and part animated. Many of those involved have gone on to work on great projects, like Shrek and Sky High, Sleepy Hollow and Lemony Snicket.

This piece was started in gouache, and finished in cel vinyl (acrylic).


Costume Illustration from "The Polar Express"

I did this with Joanna Johnston, the costume designer on the film (The Polar Express).

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Thursday, November 03, 2005


I am just getting started with this, pictures will be up soon!