Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wayne White

Wayne spoke at ICON 6, and he was really great. Funny, and smart, and I really enjoyed hearing about his work and his thoughts about his life so far. He is having a show this Fall at Western Projects on La Cienega. I will be going to that for sure.

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ICON and Comic Con 2010

Went to ICON 6 and saw some great speakers, and bought a few books. Then the very next weekend was on the ADG/CDG panel at Comic Con. I also saw some old friends there, and bought a few books, and lost my camera. So no photos to post. That place is so overwhelming, that is it hard to draw there. No one is holding still, unless they are standing in line, and there is such a crowd everywhere it is hard to get a clear view of anything for more than a minute. I put the one little drawing I got up here. Also are the sketches from ICON of Craig Yoe, Todd Oldham (which he signed for me!) and D B Dowd. I have another to post, and a few things from the sketch crawl with Jeff Smith that I will post soon.

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