Thursday, November 03, 2005


I am just getting started with this, pictures will be up soon!


Blogger Jeremy Spears said...

I'm glad you are a-bloggin!!! That is great news about the character design classes, very cool, wow I really missed out on that. Animation too? wow. I would be interested to hear more about that from you.

Things are going well here in San Luis Obispo. I'm working for a Custom sign shop called Southpaw Signs, they do (disneyland) quality signs, hand carved, and custom designed. I'm the designer and illustrator of the company along with my's neat to learn a whole other side of design...actually building it!!! It's nice too because I still have plenty of time to spend with my wife and draw all the funny characters around town.

We are doing a character design this week if you want to get in on it. We are all just putting up are designs on our blogs. This weeks theme is Animal playing sports (I guess that one doesn't sound too new and exciting to you, if I remember right that was a few of our projects at CSULB (Anthropomorfic).

Well this was a long blog usually I'm a little more short winded. Great to hear from you, I'll put you on my blog as a link as soon as you get some stuff up!!


03 November, 2005 16:18  

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