Friday, November 04, 2005

Well, this is it for today! I did this sketch last week in the costume figure drawing class I teach at CSULB. My friend Neena was the model. Usually I don't draw in class, because I am too busy keeping an eye on my students, but I couldn't resist this one. Just a quickie, and then back to work. It really makes me miss being a student, and getting to sit there and draw. But I also remember the challenges of trying to balance a stack of studio classes. . .


Blogger Adrien Rivera said...

hey i know that figure! :D

very nice!

i gotta take more costume drawing!!!!

ok.. more drawing period!

05 November, 2005 01:06  
Blogger Jeremy Spears said...

Hey Robin,
Glad to see your stuff! You can block all the bogus comments that you are getting by changing one thing in your settings.. under comments, show word yes. You won't get any more annoying comments! I linked you to my blog, it is really easy to link as well, if you want me to show you.


07 November, 2005 10:01  
Blogger Maleficium said...

Hey, this looks familiar.....oh, I was there when you did this one. Cool blog page Robin. Oh, by the way, it's Phil. Talk to you later....check out my page.

30 November, 2005 00:43  

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