Friday, November 04, 2005

Costume Illustration from "The Polar Express"

I did this with Joanna Johnston, the costume designer on the film (The Polar Express).

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Blogger Adrien Rivera said...

Fantabulous Robin! :)
dont forget to update your blog!

you make me wanna draw better!!!

argg... now im depressed!

04 November, 2005 18:21  
Blogger Gulzar said...

Hello friend of animation! cheers! Added you to my favs' keep up the good effort...Very inspiring work!Was this done with colourpencil?
my top marks...

05 December, 2005 09:14  
Blogger Robin Richesson said...

thanks for your compliments, and interest in my work. this was done in watercolor with colored pencil.

13 December, 2005 15:10  
Blogger Mark McDonnell said...

Awesome character and clothing. NICE.


13 December, 2005 17:05  

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