Friday, December 02, 2005

My Life with Santa, and other Christmas Stories

So Jeremy Spears, the 1950's Boyscout, has put up 'Designing Santa' as the challenge for December. This made me think of all the various jobs I have had that involved Santa, and other Christmas fare, and although I will draw something new before Christmas to contribute, I decided to have a Christmas retrospective first. This is a hand towel that I designed in my first 'real job' out of school, at a home textiles company in East L.A. The situation was that I had to leave a big area for his stomach, as they were going to make a 'puff' design, and cotton ball type stuffing would go into the applique, to make his stomach bulge out. Thus the odd proportions. Later, of course, the puff part was too expensive, so he was just flat. Naturally, I would have done it differently. I didn't last there more than 4 months. We all realized we weren't right for each other. But I started my commercial relationship with Santa. . .

More to come.


Blogger Jeremy Spears said...

Very nice, it is fun to see your older stuff. Thanks for the 50's boyscout plug! Can't wait to see you Santa!!!


02 December, 2005 08:42  
Blogger Dave James said...


These are great. How cool you get to work in the motion picture industry.

I'm envious.


04 December, 2005 08:29  

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