Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Well, so that's it, all the stuff I could dredge up from my files. Now I will have to draw something NEW on this theme. . .soon.


Blogger Jeremy Spears said...

Can't wait to see the new Santa, thanks for sharing all know I'm your biggest fan!


14 December, 2005 12:11  
Blogger the_russian_spy said...

No, I am.

- Oksie

18 December, 2005 00:14  
Blogger Jeremy Spears said...

Hey Robin, I guess you and I never finished the Santa illo, and once Christmas is over, I really can't think about it any more...time to move on. Thanks for posting up all your stuff...I can't wait to see more!!!!


04 January, 2006 08:43  
Blogger Robin Richesson said...

yeah, I started some, but they never got to the point that I wanted to post them. I had an evil santa, and some elf ideas roughed out, but then Christmas hit, and there was no point really.

28 January, 2006 22:32  
Blogger Dave James said...

Okay, Robin time to post something!

By the way, I've added a link to your blog on mine.


29 January, 2006 17:14  
Blogger ed said...

*waits patiently for new art*

09 February, 2006 19:44  
Blogger Adrien Rivera said...

Hmmmm I wonder if i should still make that santa.. maybe hes on sebatacle...



did i spell "sabatacle"

20 February, 2006 07:16  
Blogger Robin Richesson said...

sOkay, okay, I am a blog slug. . .very S L O W these days. I am swamped, and still working on 'Evan Almighty' (a Tom Shaydac film). Hi Ed, how you doing? And Adrien: sabbatical as in 'Sabbath', the day of rest. How do I know this? I LOOKED IT UP.

I will post SOMETHING soon. Not Santa.


28 February, 2006 00:55  
Blogger Dave James said...


28 February, 2006 19:19  

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