Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Few Air Force Photos

These are just a couple shots that give the idea of the scale of the C-17, and kinds of things I observed.



Blogger Christina said...

Hi Robin--Sounds pretty amazing! How fun that I ran across your blog from a link of a link of a link....

Your former student Christina (Barragan) Forshay

21 October, 2007 22:46  
Blogger Marc churin said...

Hi Robin !!
Tonight I have seen American Beauty... Again... I ve seen Your name on the end, like Storyboard Artist. I dont beleve you have a Blog !! So I Will return on your web site regulary for look your drawings !

29 January, 2008 15:08  
Blogger Robin Richesson said...


Christina, I remember your name, and if I saw you I am sure I would remember your face! thanks for stopping by.

Hi Mark, yes I did storyboard that movie. Thanks for stopping by. I am working on a couple of films now, and I will try to post some again soon.


30 January, 2008 22:57  
Blogger Marc churin said...

Hi !!!
I live in france, it's for this reason, my english is too bad...

On this time I try to work on a litle storyboard for a short movie on animation.

Mabe I can send U, some board for some advice ?

Can U tell more about Your Job for the " Couple of films" ?


31 January, 2008 04:27  

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