Monday, June 22, 2009


Romeo never met a person he didn't like (well, there was this one upholsterer that he took an instant dislike to, but no one else). He liked to bite my toes, and to try to steal cheese and yogurt, and to riffle through all my drawings and papers. He liked to try to bite the cursor on my Cintiq monitor. He liked to hang out and watch TV. He liked to eat flowers out of the vase, and chew certain kinds of foam rubber, and eat scotch tape. He liked his cat carrier, for some reason. He liked fishy foods, but not beef. He loved to be scratched, rubbed, petted, but NEVER to be held. He let me cut his toenails, and he liked to be brushed. He even liked to have his toes massaged, which is weird for a cat. He was very strong, and could jump very high. He liked to run his paws over the miniblinds to get my attention, and wake me up. If that didn't work, he would jump onto the dresser and knock over every photo and doodad one by one until I got up and chased him out of the bedroom. He liked to stand on my stomach and knead my biceps, first the right, then the left in the morning. He liked to lay on his back in the hall, with all his feet up in the air. He let my other cat, Moth, have the couch.

He liked being with me.

I miss you Romeo. Thanks for 16 years of true love.



Blogger the_russian_spy said...

Bless his little heart. He's in Kitty Heaven right now. He had a very good life with you. Trying to bite a cursor on Cintiq is my favorite.

23 June, 2009 08:52  
Blogger mai s kemble said...


Sorry to know your cat passed away... Sounds like he was extra special.
hope you are ok.

23 June, 2009 13:59  

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